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Custom Workout Warrior Plan - SALE $127.99

- We all know there is  no one-size-fits all workout plan. 

- Get a Custom Workout Workout Plan designed by the Shaun Campbell,

Workout Warrior creator. 

Shaun will design a workout plan that’s perfect for you, based on the personal information you provide.  (After you order.)

Our Custom Workout Warrior Plan will come with options / suggestions.

- Shaun will get you on track faster and save you all the trial and error.

Let's Get Started!

- After you order the Custom Workout Warrior Plan Shaun will be in touch with you via email.  We will need your current fitness level, your goals, and whatever else you feel will be helpful in designing your Custom Workout Warrior Plan.

- After receiving this information, Shaun will put together a Custom Workout Warrior Plan and send it to you.  There will be great explanations and tips on any exercises mentioned in the Custom Workout Warrior Plan.

ORDER NOW!  Warriors Let's Go!



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SALE $127.99 CDN


If you prefer to use Email Money Transfer contact us at:

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