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Workout Warrior

Workout Warrior was created by Shaun Campbell and first introduced to the world in 2022.   

"We have long heard about this Warrior inside of us, or how a person is a Warrior when fighting through tough times or tough situations.  We are lucky enough to now have a physical representation of the Warrior Spirit.  That physical representation is the Workout Warrior. "

~ Shaun Campbell, Workout Warrior creator


"Workout Warrior is here to help you become the you, you want to be."

~ Shaun Campbell, Workout Warrior creator  

The Workout Warrior Character may seem a little hardcore or over the top, but was simply created to

1. Get your attention, and

2. To help you go after what you want (deserve) without that inner voice holding you back.

"There's a Warrior within everyone."

~ Shaun Campbell, Workout Warrior creator

Warriors Let's Go!

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