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The 90 DAY WARRIOR Transformation Challenge is an opportunity for individuals to commit to a 90-day journey of fitness and lifestyle transformation under the guidance of Shaun Campbell 2.0.


Here's a breakdown of the program and how to JOIN:


Program Overview:

Principles and Techniques:

  1. IF IT FITS YOUR WORKOUT (IIFYW) Training Principle: Flexible workout approach for sustainable lifestyle fitness.

  2. Flexible Dieting: Choose foods based on macronutrient needs.

  3. Workout Warrior Mindset: Tap into your inner Warrior spirit.

  4. The Bodybuilding Lifestyle (TBL): Incorporate proven bodybuilding principles into your fitness routine.


What Your Coach Provides:

  • Customized workout plan tailored to your goals.

  • Nutrition guidelines emphasizing flexible dieting and lifestyle habits.

  • Weekly check-ins and updates with Shaun Campbell.

  • Access to a private support network.



  • First 10 Registrants: $99.99 cdn

  • After First 10: $299.99 cdn


Registration Details:

  • Contact: Shaun at

  • Provide preferred group choice and start date.

  • Register before the group deadline.


Group Details:


Group 1:

  • Deadline: Friday, March 15

  • Start Date: Monday, March 18

  • End Date: Sunday, June 16


Group 2:

  • Deadline: Friday, March 29

  • Start Date: Monday, April 1

  • End Date: Sunday, June 30


Group 3:

  • Deadline: Friday, April 12

  • Start Date: Monday, April 15

  • End Date: Sunday, July 14


To join the 90 DAY WARRIOR Transformation Challenge, reach out to Shaun Campbell via email and secure your spot in one of the three groups available. It's time to commit to your health and fitness goals and unleash your inner Warrior!

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