• Custom Workout Plan / ProgramShaun Campbell, will customize a workout for you based on your goal, experience, time availability, and equipment availability.

  • Nutrition Guidelines – Shaun will put together and help adjust your nutrition guidelines / recommendations on a weekly basis in order to reach your goal.

  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins – Shaun will be in touch with you every week to monitor and gauge your progress and adjust your nutrition and workout plans accordingly to ensure that you continue to progress towards your goal. Check-ins will include such things as body weight / body measurements, workout log review, nutrition log review, photos and/or video.

  • Specific Goal Date – Together you and Shaun will set a Goal Date such as a wedding, reunion, or photo shoot. Maybe your goal date will be one of the upcoming IDFA online competitions.  Setting a Specific Goal Date is very important to your success.


What are you waiting for?  Get in the best shape of your life NOW!


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